KINGCAB is brought to you by the King Group of Companies, the umbrella corporation that houses nationally known brands including Nito’s Auto Supply Inc. and Skygo. We envision a Philippines where citizens from various walks of life can have access to a reliable and practical mode of transport that can get them the most out of their delivery and transportation.

Belonging to Nito’s International Ventures Inc. (NIVI), KINGCAB has the support of LIFAN, from the Chongquing Group in China. This is a partnership that was formulated with the inception of Skygo, our sister company, and has lasted for over 10 years. With the partnership of LIFAN, KINGCAB offers a much sought after out-of-the-box solution to the public transport and delivery needs of the Philippines at a reasonable price. LIFAN provides exclusive technical licensing and supply agreement, as well as a commitment to provide technical assistance and support when necessary.

The state of Philippine transportation may be dismal (with the continuously worsening traffic condition in metropolitan areas and the narrow, undeveloped country roads), but that doesn’t mean that the average citizen has to resign to this fate. Crafted by Filipino ingenuity, this modernized version of the Philippine motorized tricycle is affordable, fast, and safe, making it an excellent alternative to the existing public transportation in the country.

In addition to this public service, we provide a way for even the smallest businesses to leverage limited vehicle funds and manage their daily operations without a hitch. KINGCAB can benefit a variety of commercial entities including individual drivers, grocery stores, small hardware shops, as well as suppliers of soft drinks, water, and gas. Available at highly

competitive prices and with no-hassle maintenance requirements, our vehicles are economical and sustainable, but more importantly, they deliver results. We focus on delivering exceptional service at a competitive price.

KINGCAB makes the most reliable and efficient low-cost transport vehicles nationwide. Parts are made in China and assembled in the Philippines. Along with our vehicles, we offer the exceptional services of our technical team, the easy availability of replacement parts and accessories, and quality customer service. Together, we can contribute to better road conditions and transport solutions for a better, brighter Philippines.

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